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i thought it was pretty bad ass. The animation was actually pretty bad ass. should make a real submission tho. 5/5

BRB-FBI responds:



lol fuck steve irwin, he was a funny cunt. But i did respect his work, but i say he shouldve stuck in the habitat that he was more familiar with "land and swamp" The dumb bitch shouldve never gone in the ocean. And wtf so when celebrities die we are supposed to mourn for them... but when people we know die we're supposed to shake it off. Fuck you guys are soo twisted. Dont let celebrities COMSUME YOU!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT you fuckers. fuck celebrities and how they live, kiss my ass \m/(O_O) keep it brutal

I dont root for you...

Though you do have a nice voice... I don't root for emo feelings. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!! nice voice by the way very mysterious. But you hav to lose the brit act man... its overrated. Brutality to the Masses...

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Bleeding Mascara isnt metal, but Metalcore. 2 Different things. But Its cool dude, ATREYU IS A FUCKING EMO BAND!!!(They really are... theyve always been emo. As this author said If you listen a bit longer the singer goes on about a fucking bitch that bleeds mascara) I fucking hate emo kids man I just hate them with a passion. With their fucking emotional music. And how they feel this and that and she said this and that and blah blah blah.

Dude I rlly dig this emogochi shit. Especially the part where you can pop his ass with that boxing glove. It could use more ways to torture the litttle fucker though ;)


That was fucking brutal dude... I seriously loved that. That has been the best I've seen in a while. Great sounds, could be a lot more scary with a more distorted sound/voice for Gwen and Vlaew. Great job man, I am completely impressed.


Great tutorial, i'm trying to make a flash... life on metalheads hahaha, I'm not sure that im dedicated enough to finish it right now... but its getting there. Good job man, and thanks for using our track Deathstouch.

DJRunaway responds:

:) METALHEADS :D YEAH :) LOVE UR MUSIC :D And about the motivation/dedication...same problem here :P

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Fucking sick! Reminded of my HS days. Solid Death Metal riffs! While I was listening to this, I was thinking "where are the guttural vox". Solid track, 5/5 + DL. Respect.

TSRBand responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! You're right too, I think some proper death metal vocals could really make this one pop.

Pretty sick. Reminded me of "All That Remains + Chelsea Grin". Mix was a bit loud on headphones :P Almost blew my fucking head off with the intro!

nolife1 responds:

Thanks for that man! Yeah ATR's "Fall of Idea's" has been a pretty big inspiration to my music!
Sorry for nearly blowing your head off haha!

Metaljonus, after years of hearing your music... You've never let me down man. Great track, as always. This is brutal as fuck! 5/5 + DL ;) Stay brutal my friend.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks buryyourface! I'm glad I have'nt let ya down yet! :D

Shut up and bleed.

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